Happiness Quotes

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Happiness Quotes: This July 4th, let's celebrate our freedom to be unwittingly spied on by our government.

Happiness Quote: Here is only one rule at the age of eighteen! There are no rules!

Quotes about Happiness: Keep your eyes on the east side where the sun will rise because the past is on the west where the sunsets.

Quote about Happiness: There is not a passion so strongly rooted in the human heart as envy. -Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Happiness Sayings: You never have to chase people down and beg for their loyalty and respect. It's either they're with you or they're not.

Happiness Saying: To understand your parents' love bear your own children -Chinese Proverbs

Happiness Greetings: Being positive doesn't necessarily come naturally. We have to make that decision daily. -Joel Osteen

Happiness Messages: It's time we all accepted the Gay Pride Parade isn't much gayer than any other parade.

Sayings about Happiness: I think the cuts on my arms are pretty. They're kind of like battle scars. They show my struggles and triumphs.

Saying about Happiness: If bread had a cell phone during Passover, I'd sext it.

Happiness Quotes: Have you ever wished that you were little again, When your toughest decisions was trying to choose a crayon.

Happiness Quote: Let's celebrate an eight-day miracle in one half-assed evening

Quotes about Happiness: Happy Accidental Mother's Day.

Quote about Happiness: The biggest mistake people make in life is worrying what everyone else thinks. -Nishan Panwar

Happiness Sayings: When one door closes another opens, is a fact l barely accept. The truth is, sometimes the open door is just for that season.

Happiness Saying: In the end, we regret the chances we didn't take, relationships we were afraid to have and the decisions we waited too long to make.

Happiness Greetings: Most beautiful thing about life is it moves on no matter what has happened in the past. -Anurag Prakash Ray

Happiness Messages: When the youth of America gets together, amazing things happen.