Success Quotes

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Success Quotes: Wisdom is the winner over good luck -Juvenal

Success Quote: I set records that will never be equaled. In fact, I hope 90% of them don't even get printed.

Quotes about Success: The journey of our life begins with intention and courage and being able to overcome every hurdle along the way in achieving your success. -Kemmy Nola

Quote about Success: True education flowers at the point when delight falls in love with responsibility.

Success Sayings: When I look at the world, I see women heading to university and the well paid jobs and boys leaving school to work and have babies.

Success Saying: If money could talk, it would say goodbye.

Success Greetings: Each day, let me be reminded of my purpose here and let me remain guided from within, to achieve all things that I set out to do.

Success Messages: An inventor fails 999 times, and if he succeeds once, he's in. He treats his failures simply as practice shots. -Charles F Kettering

Sayings about Success: Make the effort. On the other side of effort is the achievement of your goal. -Anurag Prakash Ray

Saying about Success: I've seen the ticket, and I still can't believe it. When I see the money, I hope I don't hit the floor.

Success Quotes: Make money and the whole nation will conspire to call you a gentleman. -George Bernard Shaw

Success Quote: The life of the creative man is lead, directed and controlled by boredom. Avoiding boredom is one of our most important purposes. -Susan Sontag

Quotes about Success: I can only apologize for my decision making skills, me and pressure don't mix well.

Quote about Success: Success is following the pattern of life one enjoys most.

Success Sayings: Government will not fail to employ education, to strengthen its hands, and perpetuate its institutions.

Success Saying: Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. -Henry Ford

Success Greetings: The real fight is about what should be in the marketplace and what should not. Should education be a marketable commodity? Should healthcare?

Success Messages: Decisions are the hardest move to make. Especially when its a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.