The Swamp Quotes

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The Swamp Quotes: Think I'm from the swamp -R. Kelly (Rollin')

The Swamp Quote: In the swamp of your lies -Dreamtale (Angel Of Light)

Quotes about The Swamp: He's draining the swamp for you -Peter Furler (All In Your Head)

Quote about The Swamp: A swamp is near, smell the blood -Coasts (See How)

The Swamp Sayings: Death of Millions, Swamp Gas, -Cephalic Carnage (Gracias)

The Swamp Saying: We're swaying swamp reeds in the sand -Howlin Rain (Riverboat)

The Swamp Greetings: A curse that rose out of the deep, green swamp -Nellie McKay (Zombie)

The Swamp Messages: Today's forecast calls for near record swamp ass.

Sayings about The Swamp: When youre up to your armpits in alligators, its hard to remember to drain the swamp. -Ronald Reagan

Saying about The Swamp: Bruh, I don't fuck with no cops Rolling with that flow swamp -Earl Sweatshirt (Hive)

The Swamp Quotes: Got a rugged smoke green halo floatin' inches off the swamp -Aesop Rock (How To Be A Carpenter)

The Swamp Quote: This frog isn't gonna spend his life in a swamp, catchin flies with his tongue -Sesame Street (This Frog)

Quotes about The Swamp: I'm gonna sing, sing, sing my new swamp song -The Wombats (Headspace)