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The moment of change is the only poem. -Adrienne Rich
Poetry is above all a concentration of the power of language, which is the power of our ultimate relationship to everything in the universe. -Adrienne Rich
The repossession by women of our bodies will bring far more essential change to human society than the seizing of the means of production by workers. -Adrienne Rich
The connections between and among women are the most feared, the most problematic, and the most potentially transforming force on the planet. -Adrienne Rich
It's exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful. -Adrienne Rich
We who were loved will never unlive that crippling fever. -Adrienne Rich
False history gets made all day, any day, the truth of the new is never on the news. -Adrienne Rich
Life on the planet is born of woman. -Adrienne Rich
Art, whose honesty must work through artifice, cannot avoid cheating truth. -Adrienne Rich
Every journey into the past is complicated by delusions, false memories, false namings of real events. -Adrienne Rich
Those who speak largely of the human condition are usually those most exempt from its oppressions - whether of sex, race, or servitude. -Adrienne Rich
When someone, let's say a teacher, speaks of the world and you are not in it, it's like looking into the mirror and seeing nothing. -Adrienne Rich
A president cannot meaningfully honor certain token artists while the people at large are so dishonored.'
It is important to possess a short-term pessimism and a long-term optimism ... -Adrienne Rich
I touch you knowing we weren't born tomorrow, and somehow, each of us will help the other live, and somewhere, each of us must help the other die. -Adrienne Rich
[Poetry] is the liquid voice that can wear through stone. -Adrienne Rich
you look at me like an emergency -Adrienne Rich
I choose to love this time for once with all my intelligence -from
Love, our subject: we've trained it like ivy to our walls. -Adrienne Rich
For now, poetry has the capacity - in its own ways and by its own means - to remind us of something we are forbidden to see. -Adrienne Rich
When I talk of taking a trip I mean forever. -Adrienne Rich
To do something very common, in my own way. -Adrienne Rich
A language is a map of our failures -Adrienne Rich
You must write, and read, as if your life depended on it. -Adrienne Rich
Poems are like dreams: in them you put what you don't know you know. -Adrienne Rich
Responsibility to yourself means refusing to let others do your thinking, talking, and naming for you... it means that you do not treat your body as a commodity with which to purchase superficial intimacy or economic security; for our bodies to be treated as objects, our minds are in mortal danger. It means insisting that those to whom you give your friendship and love are able to respect your mind. It means being able to say, with Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre: "I have an inward treasure born with me, which can keep me alive if all the extraneous delights should be withheld or offered only at a price I cannot afford to give. Responsibility to yourself means that you don't fall for shallow and easy solutions-predigested books and ideas... marrying early as an escape from real decisions, getting pregnant as an evasion of already existing problems. It means that you refuse to sell your talents and aspirations short... and this, in turn, means resisting the forces in society which say that women should be nice, play safe, have low professional expectations, drown in love and forget about work, live through others, and stay in the places assigned to us. It means that we insist on a life of meaningful work, insist that work be as meaningful as love and friendship in our lives. It means, therefore, the courage to be "different"... The difference between a life lived actively, and a life of passive drifting and dispersal of energies, is an immense difference. Once we begin to feel committed to our lives, responsible to ourselves, we can never again be satisfied with the old, passive way.

Adrienne Rich
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