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There's a lot of music that sounds like it's literally computer-generated, totally divorced from a guy sitting down at an instrument. -Aimee Mann
Life is a series of problems to figure out how to solve gracefully and with dignity. That is what life is and I can't see it any other way. -Aimee Mann
Telling what you feel, trying to talk about what's important to you, does not make you weaker. -Aimee Mann
All that I need now is someone with the brains and the know-how to tell me what I want. -Aimee Mann
Something gets lost when you translate. It's hard to keep straight. Perspective is every thing. -Aimee Mann
I suppose I should be happy to be misread; better be that than some of the other things I have become. -Aimee Mann
The king of the jailhouse and the queen of the road think sharing the burden will lighten the load. -Aimee Mann
Nightly you retrace your steps again to return to the scene of the crime. It's uncanny how you hover in the air of the wreckage that you left behind. -Aimee Mann
You drew a bird that was here, a kind of sweet chanticleer. But with a terrible fear that the cage couldn't tame -Aimee Mann
It's not easy in this phosphorescent gloom telling waking dreams apart anyhow. -Aimee Mann
I think, to be happy is to be interested and engaged. -Aimee Mann
If your standards are low, you're going to stop pretty early on in the process. -Aimee Mann
It's in the dictionary. And when I find what it is, I'll write it down in case it comes up again, I'll be certain to avoid it. -Aimee Mann
I'm really into boxing. I go to a gym and I'm friends with a trainer who's a pretty famous boxing trainer and I train with him. -Aimee Mann
At a major label you can start to feel that you're working for them, and that any work you do, you're never going to see any benefit. -Aimee Mann
I don't envy anybody trying to start a career right. There really is no music business left, in a lot of ways. -Aimee Mann
I don't believe in asking people to spend $15 on something they've never heard before. That's just unreasonable. -Aimee Mann
I wanted to try to write songs on the piano to get a different flavor. -Aimee Mann
It really doesn't matter to me what people say about me anymore. -Aimee Mann
Listen, I'm out of this system, man, I'm out... I'm doing better than ever. I couldn't be more happy. -Aimee Mann
The knock-out punch is always the one you never see coming. -Aimee Mann
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