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Lately, I've become sort of a fatalist. Well, that was bound to happen. -Alex Bosworth
My parents would not permit ugly language in the house, which was okay with me. I didn't want to learn German anyway. -Alex Bosworth
I had to break up with Medusa. I just got sick of buying mice for her hair. I should have ended it sooner, but you try looking into those eyes. -Alex Bosworth
Have you ever suddenly realized it's someone else's mood swing and you're just along for the ride? -Alex Bosworth
I stared out at the waves.
Sure, I'd like a child of my own. I'd also like a laser pistol, that doesn't mean someone should give me one. -Alex Bosworth
It's not easy balancing a career, a family and a healthy outlook on life, which is why I don't. -Alex Bosworth
I've seen enough family photos in enough homes to know that the term 'suitable for framing' should have a stricter definition. -Alex Bosworth
Whatever I haven't accomplished biologically obviously wasn't all that imperative. -Alex Bosworth
There are many ways to roll with the punches. Still, it's probably best to avoid people who punch you. -Alex Bosworth
What doesn't kill you is probably just taking a break to freshen up so it can come back and finish you off later. -Alex Bosworth
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