Ali Shaheed Muhammad Quotes

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If you allow yourself to be closed, especially to a younger generation, then that's death. That's instant death. -Ali Shaheed Muhammad
When it comes to music, something I'm passionate about, and knowing the reach and the power and how it transforms, it saves lives. Music does. -Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Corporations always are controlling things, and we have the ability every day to do something about that. Every day. -Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Here in America, our use of time is not harmonious with humanity's better spirit. -Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Our records are commodities. We're looking to make a sale. The radio stations are looking to get the advertising dollars. The end. -Ali Shaheed Muhammad
I'm a believer in the nap. I don't care what it is. 15 minutes. Five hours. If you know someone's going to come back and come to work. -Ali Shaheed Muhammad
You should be able to be influenced by art no matter where it comes from. -Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Anything in this life that goes against love, we all should fight it. -Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Kanye West, I love you. You might not have known, but I have said in other interviews that you're my hero. -Ali Shaheed Muhammad
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