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I sort of lived half my life in California, half in England, so I am, I suppose, a little bit American. -Alice Eve
I'm not big on awareness about what's going on online but usually if you do too much online stuff then you usually bump into something that hurts. -Alice Eve
I did literature at university, so I had a real relationship with poetry, but they don't make many films about the world of a poet. -Alice Eve
Women are less aesthetic than men. -Alice Eve
Usually, if you're buried alive, that's gonna be the last time that happens, isn't it? -Alice Eve
I wish that I wasn't such an odd mixture. I wish I was serious, but I do love high heels and romantic comedies: being in them and watching them. -Alice Eve
Working with the likes of Joseph Fiennes was just an incredible experience. -Alice Eve
I think I'm probably quite geeky in a lot of ways. I'm pretty into books, kind of obsessive about that. -Alice Eve
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