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You cannot let your parents anywhere near your real humiliations. -Alice Munro
The complexity of things - the things within things - just seems to be endless. I mean nothing is easy, nothing is simple. -Alice Munro
One drop of hatred in your soul will spread and discolor everything like a drop of black ink in white milk. -Alice Munro
That's something I think is growing on me as I get older: happy endings. -Alice Munro
Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. -Alice Munro
Never underestimate the meanness in people's souls... Even when they're being kind... especially when they're being kind. -Alice Munro
He was evidently the sort of person who posed questions that were traps for you to fall into. -Alice Munro
I felt in him what women feel in men, something so tender, swollen, tyrannical, absurd; I would never take the consequences of interfering with it. -Alice Munro
Every year, when you're a child, you become a different person. -Alice Munro
The Love of a Good Women. -Alice Munro
We say of some things that they can't be forgiven, or that we will never forgive ourselves. But we do-we do it all the time. -Alice Munro
Braininess is not attractive unless combined with some signs of elegance; class. -Alice Munro
For what was living with a man if it wasn't living inside his insanity? -Alice Munro
Cuando este¡s fatal es cuando intentan pillarte. -Alice Munro
It was comparable to getting sick from bad ventilation -Alice Munro
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