Amy Andrews Quotes

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You do know I'm not psychic, right?' Dash looked down at her. 'Joy... you do know that normal people don't see ghosts, right? -Amy Andrews
A woman could do a lot of crazy things for a pair of fine-looking dimples. -Amy Andrews
Love is a risk. It always is. None of us is guaranteed a long life. But love takes courage. -Amy Andrews
You have no idea how dirty I can play.' He laughed. 'Bring. It. On. -Amy Andrews
He was a Crosby, Stills and Nash song. He loved the one he was with. He was casual with a capital C. -Amy Andrews
He smiled that smile again. How could something so lazy do such busy things to her body? -Amy Andrews
Jemima Jane Erickson was one drunken pass away from jumping Ethan Weston's bones. He just didn't know it. -Amy Andrews
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