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It's harder to be a success, globally, and be artistic. Harder to have that balance than just to be artistic when nobody understands you. -Andre Benjamin
The world doesn't need another clothing company. But it does need a certain funk. -Andre Benjamin
Now, my oral illustration be like clitoral stimulation to the female gender Ain't nothin' better Let me know when it's wet enough to enter -Andre Benjamin
Askin what happened to the feelin that her and me had, I pray so much about it, need some knee pads. -Andre Benjamin
Nothing's more attractive than a heavy praying woman, -Andre Benjamin
If you look at old football pictures, the jerseys were hanging, the sleeves were dangling, but now everything is tucked and tailored. -Andre Benjamin
I live by the beat like you live check to check. If you don't move your feet then I don't eat, So we like neck to neck. -Andre Benjamin
As a rapper, I don't freestyle. I used to freestyle when I used to get drunk, and it didn't matter. -Andre Benjamin
I'm a fan of making things that I've seen but couldn't purchase, or things I bought that didn't fit the way I like. -Andre Benjamin
I've learned that I'm most powerful when I'm doing my art. -Andre Benjamin
You look in the mirror everyday and you see the same thing. As an entertainer, you wanna see something new. -Andre Benjamin
I rarely drink, I don't smoke, so my vice is probably creating. I'm addicted to creating. And women. -Andre Benjamin
Australia is about as far away as you can get. I like that. -Andre Benjamin
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