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Even as a kid I was never the generator of humor, but I always knew who was funny, who to hang out with. -Andrew Stanton
Loneliness is, I think, people's biggest fear, whether they are conscious of it or not. -Andrew Stanton
And I'm not anti-sequel, but I just feel like there are very few ideas that are meant to be continued. -Andrew Stanton
Sadly, my hobby is what I do for work, so I don't go off and go fishing. I go home and veg, and then I go back to work. -Andrew Stanton
That's what great art does - it inspires other artists to do great art, and that's what it should do. -Andrew Stanton
Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty. -Andrew Stanton
Frankly, there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story. -Andrew Stanton
Don't give [the audience] four; give them two plus two. -Andrew Stanton
Art is messy, art is chaos - so you need a system. -Andrew Stanton
A major threshold is passed when you mature enough to acknowledge what drives you, and to take the wheel and steer it. -Andrew Stanton
I've always felt you unearth story, like you're on an archeological dig. -Andrew Stanton
In fact, I don't think I'll ever make anything that will feel as divinely dropped in my lap as the opening of 'Wall-E.' -Andrew Stanton
I almost feel like it's an obligation to not further the status quo if you become somebody with influence and exposure. -Andrew Stanton
I'm a family man, I have kids, and I go to the movies. And I'm just going to make the kind of movie I want to see. -Andrew Stanton
I'm still craving approval from my parents. It took a lot of success for me to realize it was never coming. It's just not in their nature. -Andrew Stanton
The way Pixar has always worked is that we think of an idea and then we make it. We don't develop lots of ideas and then pick one. -Andrew Stanton
I never think about the audience. If someone gives me a marketing report, I throw it away. -Andrew Stanton
Well, executive producer can mean anything in the world of Hollywood, sadly. It can be a bought title in many instances. -Andrew Stanton
I had never touched a computer in my life before I came to Pixar. -Andrew Stanton
Most people know me at Pixar as the guy that doesn't like to do sequels or very reluctant to do sequels. -Andrew Stanton
I'm also a huge cinephile, and I have witnessed that to honor the book literally word-for-word never makes a good movie. -Andrew Stanton
The happiest moments of my childhood were when my toys broke, because then I could destroy them with impunity. -Andrew Stanton
If you're trying to do multiple agendas, you'll confuse yourself as a storyteller. If you have one purpose, everything else will fall into place. -Andrew Stanton
Well, I have no problem with 3-D but I don't think it's necessarily a blanket requirement for every film. -Andrew Stanton
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