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Nothing is so lovely as a quietly snoring dog and some evening Brahms, as you sit in a comfortably overstuffed chair with your feet on the footstool. -Ann Beattie
People who were dying: their minds always raced past whatever was being said, and still the pain went faster, leapfrogging ahead. -Ann Beattie
Cliches so often befall vain people. -Ann Beattie
Falling in Place was meant to be very much rooted in a place and time, and music was a part of that. -Ann Beattie
People forget years and remember moments. -Ann Beattie
Any life will seem dramatic if you omit mention of most of it. -Ann Beattie
You put a character out there and you're in their power. You're in trouble if they're in yours. -Ann Beattie
the real killer was when you married the wrong person but had the right children. -Ann Beattie
Also minimalism is a term that all of us who share so little in common and who are lumped together as minimalists are not terribly happy with. -Ann Beattie
If you could have a book called My Favorite Six Stories, I don't think I'd have trouble doing that. -Ann Beattie
I think I write about things that are mysterious to me. -Ann Beattie
It's often been said that I'm an extremely depressing, cynical writer. I've never known what to make of that. -Ann Beattie
It's interesting, though, that in daily life, I think of myself as being relatively unobservant. -Ann Beattie
I don't even correct people when they mispronounce my name now. -Ann Beattie
Nobody can assume that, to a writer, everything is off-limits. -Ann Beattie
I've spent my life supporting myself. -Ann Beattie
It's gratifying that it does; I love to give readings. -Ann Beattie
I think that I'm serious, but I don't think that I'm inordinately bleak. -Ann Beattie
Women are obviously much more discriminated against than men in many ways. -Ann Beattie
I must say also that it's never worked to my disadvantage that I have long, blond hair. -Ann Beattie
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