Anne Lamott Quotes

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Pay attention to the beauty surrounding you. -Anne Lamott
Some people won't go the extra mile, and then on their birthday, when no one makes a fuss, they feel neglected and bitter. -Anne Lamott
The reason I never give up hope is because everything is so basically hopeless. -Anne Lamott
ou can get the monkey off your back, but the circus never leaves town. -Anne Lamott
I think Jesus is divine love manifest on Earth, as it comes through the community of Christians. -Anne Lamott
Books help us understand who we are and how we are to behave. They show us what community and friendship mean; they show us how to live and die. -Anne Lamott
Clutter and mess show us that life is being lived. -Anne Lamott
Get to know your characters as well as you can let there be something at stake, and then let the chips fall where they may. -Anne Lamott
Sometimes Heaven is just a new pair of glasses. -Anne Lamott
I spend most of my time alone, because I so value and thrive in the quiet. Heaven. -Anne Lamott
Some people may have thought that this book was too personal, too confessional. But what these people think about me is none of my business. -Anne Lamott
Perfectionism means that you try not to leave so much mess to clean up. But clutter and mess show us that life is being lived. -Anne Lamott
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