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My older brother was involved in the folk movement. We would gather every weekend in Washington Park. The folk songs were so important to my reality. -Anne Waldman
For me the road became a zone, in places like Saint Marks poetry Project where I worked for 12 years. -Anne Waldman
The whole red state/blue state thing is very interesting. Watching that shift over the years. -Anne Waldman
I think anything that gets people outside [is good] - I'm a big supporter of public parks and public spaces. -Anne Waldman
We can think for ourselves and we can awaken the world to a greater consciousness. -Anne Waldman
We humans need to do better with our vast minds and alchemical powers. Future radial poetries might be more symbiotic with the rest of consciousness. -Anne Waldman
I grew up in New York City in Greenwich Village and had parents who were somewhat bohemian so I was always on the nonconformist side of the equation. -Anne Waldman
I think of my father born in this very small, limited situation and then coming out of that. Many people have this story. -Anne Waldman
It's so rich as a trope - the whole idea of the road and it being in terms of language, being an active experience. -Anne Waldman
My mother started taking us to church when I was in seventh or eight grade. That was always a question, Do you believe in God? -Anne Waldman
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