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A lot of my characters are underdogs or sad or lonely, but I had a comfortable, golden sort of childhood. -Anthony Browne
Picture books are for everybody at any age, not books to be left behind as we grow older. -Anthony Browne
Never forget that children are at the heart of everything we do. Respect them, listen to them, talk to them as equals, and care about them. -Anthony Browne
Worrying can be a kind of caring, and as such is a healthy part of a balanced emotional life. -Anthony Browne
The first thing I put down on paper is a storyboard, like a film director. -Anthony Browne
I don't like narrowing my readers down - there's not a particular age or gender or nationality. I suppose I'm aiming at the child I was. -Anthony Browne
Writers are articulate. Artists find it more difficult. -Anthony Browne
Force me to choose my best book, and I always come back to 'Gorilla.' It was the first time I felt I understood what picture books could do. -Anthony Browne
I see 'Hansel and Gretel' as a breakthrough book for me, and one of the reasons is because I started to apply meaning to the hidden details. -Anthony Browne
Having a memoir and a retrospective of your work running almost simultaneously when you're still alive does feel a bit posthumous. -Anthony Browne
Pictures are as evocative to me as smells. -Anthony Browne
M dad was a boxer, so he had this fierce, physical presence. -Anthony Browne
I've always felt that I was a bit of an outsider to the British children's-book illustration scene, because I don't work in line and wash. -Anthony Browne
As a child, I'd always liked cowboys and Indians stories where there were two layers - gruesome in the foreground but funny in the background. -Anthony Browne
I use a little brush only for really small details. Over the years, I've started to use a much larger brush. -Anthony Browne
Everyone can draw when they're five. Most of us lose the ability. -Anthony Browne
I didn't have picture books - there weren't many around when I was a child. -Anthony Browne
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