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I don't even know what words to use to talk about the music industry anymore. But the business has changed a lot - the methods of releasing music. -Anthony Kiedis
I think art is inherently nonviolent and it actually occupies your mind with creation rather than destruction. -Anthony Kiedis
It seems like the chaos of this world is accelerating, but so is the beauty in the consciousness of more and more people. -Anthony Kiedis
I would have to say the person with whom I am most in love is definitely my son, Everly Bear. Although I'm his dad, I'm also his friend. -Anthony Kiedis
If you want to get along with somebody, let them be right, and it will last longer. -Anthony Kiedis
In terms of having high hopes that the level of consciousness will get higher and higher, yeah. -Anthony Kiedis
I don't worry about new young bands. The bounty of life is infinite and so is music and so are opportunities. -Anthony Kiedis
This Life is More than Just a read through. -Anthony Kiedis
Nothing was working, and my friend was dead, and I didn't want to look at that. -Anthony Kiedis
Just the kind of girl I liked-the weirdo in the bunch. -Anthony Kiedis
We'll be releasing more in Spanish. We love the energy that we get out of Latin American audiences. -Anthony Kiedis
Give her the continent and she wanted the hemisphere. -Anthony Kiedis
Music itself was color-blind but the media and the radio stations segregate it based on their perceptions of the artists. -Anthony Kiedis
Every true artist is at war with the world. -Anthony Kiedis
When I looked into her eyes, I saw an invisible spirit of something that I already loved. -Anthony Kiedis
One of the better definitions of insanity - doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting the result to be different. -Anthony Kiedis
When you start putting pen to paper, you see a side of your personal truth that doesn't otherwise reveal itself in conversation or thought. -Anthony Kiedis
My work was done, so it was time to start digging my grave again. -Anthony Kiedis
The fact that my circumstances had changed drastically but my behavior hadn't was beginning to wear on me. -Anthony Kiedis
Every time you empty your vessel of that energy, fresh new energy comes flooding in. -Anthony Kiedis
I was starting to come to grips with the fact that I had created a lot of pain and suffering around me, not just within me. -Anthony Kiedis
A year jammed full of adventure and misadventure, strides forward and many steps backward, another year in my topsy-turvy, Jekyll-and-Hyde existence. -Anthony Kiedis
What I've realized over the years is that I have some pretty good friends. -Anthony Kiedis
To be 26 years old and lose your left heart ventricle was probably the most dramatic thing that's ever happened to me in my life. -Anthony Kiedis
I didn't really get to Led Zeppelin until I was in my 20s. -Anthony Kiedis
I'm probably not long-term-relationship material for now. -Anthony Kiedis
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