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I feel funny about owning art. I don't really want to say: 'Wow, come and see my Monet - it's in a dark room at the bottom of my cellar.' -Baz Luhrmann
The food in Sydney is an Asian Pacific cuisine. It's eclectic but above all it's fresh, inventive and creative and that's what I love about it. -Baz Luhrmann
There's a whole system in Hollywood where the director never speaks to the studio, but I like to engage them in a discussion. I listen. -Baz Luhrmann
Look, I had a passion for comic books growing up. -Baz Luhrmann
A life lived in fear is a life half lived. -Baz Luhrmann
I wish I'd done everything on Earth with you. -Baz Luhrmann
All good, clean stories are melodrama; it's just the set of devices that determines how you show or hide it. -Baz Luhrmann
I feel a kinship with anyone who feels that their road, their life or who they really are is not good enough. I really relate to that. -Baz Luhrmann
I do find walking is fundamental to my creative process. -Baz Luhrmann
Fitzgerald coined the phrase the 'Jazz Age,' and now we're living in the Hip-Hop Age. -Baz Luhrmann
When you're in theater or the circus or film - to me it's all one - affairs happen. People fall in love. -Baz Luhrmann
I feel like a member of any group comprised of outsiders. -Baz Luhrmann
I understand that anything actors are doing, good or bad, is motivated by fear. -Baz Luhrmann
In terms of the mechanics of story, myth is an intriguing one because we didn't make myth up; myth is an imprinture of the human condition. -Baz Luhrmann
I don't have fights with actors. In absolute honesty, I've never fought with any actor ever. -Baz Luhrmann
Ultimately, you have to pursue your own path, not someone's idea of the right path. You need to stay on your path. -Baz Luhrmann
If Paris is a city of lights, Sydney is the city of fireworks. -Baz Luhrmann
I always have a point of view. It may not be right, but it's my own. -Baz Luhrmann
I really believe musical form will go on. There's got to be a way of making musical form in cinema live again. -Baz Luhrmann
The party is a true art form in Sydney and people practise it a great deal. You can really get quite lost in it. -Baz Luhrmann
At a very young age I was allowed to go into the cinema and watch adult films. -Baz Luhrmann
I wouldn't take a directing job if I didn't think it was enriching life. -Baz Luhrmann
Western films don't do very well in India. -Baz Luhrmann
I never see things I make in the same way that the audience does. You can never do that. -Baz Luhrmann
I love dancing. -Baz Luhrmann
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