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Honestly, I was watching Marvel films and was always crestfallen: Where are the super-Asians? People are looking to be represented by their heroes. -Benedict Wong
I'm in the loners' society. I don't want to classify myself as anything. -Benedict Wong
It's really hard because obviously people label you as a British East Asian actor. And I'm just from Salford; it's where I was born. -Benedict Wong
I'd like to helm my own series. Something British. -Benedict Wong
Occasionally, when you do a take, and - what I kind of sort of like is asking for a PPB - Personal Play Back. -Benedict Wong
Khan let Polo be his eyes and ears. He was the first one to build a bridge between East and West. -Benedict Wong
Kublai noticed this uncommon perception that Marco Polo has, with the idea to explain and talk about his country so vividly that he can see it. -Benedict Wong
Bruce Lee has always been a hero of mine, and the choreography in 'Enter The Dragon' is amazing. -Benedict Wong
Ridley Scott is a cinematic master and a great man. It was a real honour working with him on 'Prometheus.' -Benedict Wong
We watched a lot of Hong Kong action movies in my house when I was growing up. -Benedict Wong
Customer freedom! Don't dictate how I want to watch my TV! -Benedict Wong
I remember getting my mum to drive me to watch a Jackie Chan film when I was, like, eleven and trying to tell them I was fifteen. -Benedict Wong
People call me Benny. And as long as they put Benedict on my paycheck, I don't care. -Benedict Wong
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