Bill Medley Quotes

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The Righteous Brothers were purely rhythm and blues, black music. -Bill Medley
The emotion of a song's lyrics has always been what grabs me deeply. -Bill Medley
When 'You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling' hit, we were doing a show called 'Shindig!' and the Righteous Brothers suddenly became big business. -Bill Medley
First off, you can't replace Bobby Hatfield. I was just blessed to be able to sing with maybe the greatest singer in the world as a first tenor. -Bill Medley
I just can't stand being in airports anymore. I just can't stand it. -Bill Medley
The Old Vegas is gone. It's not that it's necessarily better or worse; it's just totally different. -Bill Medley
I'm kind of a nervous guy. I know on television I look like I'm half asleep, but inside I'm going about 100 miles an hour. -Bill Medley
I don't know what I would do if it wasn't music, 'cause I'm really a one trick pony. -Bill Medley
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