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I think Afghanistan has turned into the Vietnam of my generation, only with a better homecoming. -Brandon Webb
It's a huge edge, sometime life-saving, to adopt a good idea early and put it into practice. -Brandon Webb
As a Navy SEAL, and sniper, one of the things I learned was that excellence matters. -Brandon Webb
A good decision executed quickly is better than a great one never executed. -Brandon Webb
If you're going to break the rules, you have to live with the consequences. -Brandon Webb
Law in Ukraine is not black and white; it is shades of gray. -Brandon Webb
World records aren't broken in practice, and competitive environments and adversity are the birthplace of champions. -Brandon Webb
It takes guts to realize you screwed up and to then come clean without any excuses. -Brandon Webb
It's every teacher's job to be rigorous about constantly being open to new ideas and innovation. -Brandon Webb
The game of political music chairs and finger-pointing by career politicians and agency bureaucrats needs to end. -Brandon Webb
Great leaders know that adversity produces the greatest opportunities in life. -Brandon Webb
I sleep well at night. -Brandon Webb
The sniper is like a highly skilled surgeon, practicing his craft on the battlefield. -Brandon Webb
Fighter pilots and special operations forces guys have the same DNA. -Brandon Webb
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