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I like to think of it as this new field. Instead of computer science, it's going to be virtual science. -Brendan Iribe
There are millions of sci-fi enthusiasts in the world, not just gamers. -Brendan Iribe
When I saw how real virtual reality can be, and that we can replace human vision with virtual vision, this can be the ultimate platform. -Brendan Iribe
You've got to stay super focused on shipping product. There isn't a version two or three if there isn't a great version one. -Brendan Iribe
We are being super selective on who we bring in and really just trying to hire the very best. -Brendan Iribe
We're finally going to be free of the 2D monitor. It's been a window into virtual reality that we've all looked into for 30 or 40 years. -Brendan Iribe
I think a lot of people have an idea of virtual reality from science fiction, books and movies that have been out over the last couple of decades. -Brendan Iribe
Mobile VR will be a lot more accessible. It'll be easier to use; you'll be able to pass it along to your friends. -Brendan Iribe
Most big companies work in stealth until they think they have a consumer product ready to go. -Brendan Iribe
In real life, that's how we're moving around. We look at things while we're walking and moving and turning around. We stare at objects in the world. -Brendan Iribe
At Oculus, we're now looking at eye specialists, people who really understand how the human eye works, and how that affects human emotion. -Brendan Iribe
Replacing human vision is more than just a tool: we need to understand how that affects the brain. -Brendan Iribe
Oculus is a company that often does things differently. But we don't want to do things so differently that we start to get into trouble. -Brendan Iribe
I was born and raised in Maryland and attended the public school system. -Brendan Iribe
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