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Every issue, the characters and I duke it out. They usually win. -Brian K. Vaughan
Life is mostly just learning how to lose. -Brian K. Vaughan
You're right that not everything we do has to have some kind of social agenda, but that doesn't mean it can only be anesthetizing crap. -Brian K. Vaughan
But nothing warps time quite like childhood -Brian K. Vaughan
Everything good in New York used to be something awful, I guess.
What cruel creatures men are. Our bodies tell us to love so many, but there's room in our hearts for so few. -Brian K. Vaughan
If there's an opposite of a honeymoon, it's the week after a couple's first child is born. -Brian K. Vaughan
Readers love fantasy, but we need horror. Smart horror. Truthful horror. Horror that helps us make sense of a cruelly senseless world. -Brian K. Vaughan
There's an old saying, Zill. Freedom can't be given, only earned. -Brian K. Vaughan
After ten years of toiling away in Hollywood, I realized that there's no better place for new ideas than comics. -Brian K. Vaughan
Brubaker and Phillipss books have always been about eight years ahead of their time. -Brian K. Vaughan
I am a big theater fan. It's mostly just being pretentious, I think, and trying to look smart. -Brian K. Vaughan
It's TV shows like BUFFY and ANGEL that usually have an incredible cliffhanger every commercial break that amaze me. -Brian K. Vaughan
Reef aquariums are definitely the pinnacle of the hobby. -Brian K. Vaughan
I've always thought of fantasy as a genre of best-case scenarios, and horror as a genre of worst-case scenarios. -Brian K. Vaughan
My parents grew up during the space race, and I think they imagined the future would be us living on moon bases and everyone has rocket shoes. -Brian K. Vaughan
My mom once told me that a good relationship isn't where the other person makes you feel better, but where they make *you* better. -Brian K. Vaughan
A comic script is basically a love letter from you to your artist, -Brian K. Vaughan
I, for example, am a pompous asshole, but my comics are genius! -Brian K. Vaughan
I like things that are weirdly imaginative and couldn't be real, but I also like stories that are recognizable and relatable. -Brian K. Vaughan
Fantasy/science-fiction stories have been around almost as long as each genre, but every hybrid now lives in the shadow of 'Star Wars.' -Brian K. Vaughan
If a good editor will let me tell my story with the right artist, I'm happy. -Brian K. Vaughan
There are only three forms of high art: the symphony, the illustrated children's book and the board game. -Brian K. Vaughan
I think there is a possible future where maybe we do just take a hard turn away from the Internet and we do start valuing our privacy again. -Brian K. Vaughan
I have no imagination; I just steal from life and change the color. Then it's a comic book. -Brian K. Vaughan
I think some people are just very passionate that things remain the way they were when they were kids. -Brian K. Vaughan
I just make crap up more than anything else. -Brian K. Vaughan
Print and digital comics will always coexist. -Brian K. Vaughan
By the time you have your protagonist attempting to assassinate the Pope, you've sort of signaled that everything is on the table. -Brian K. Vaughan
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