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May your first word be adventure and last word love. -Bruce Feiler
There's a reason the Exodus story has inspired so many Americans. It's a narrative of hope. -Bruce Feiler
The way to tell a really big story, I think, is to tell a really small story. -Bruce Feiler
Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause. -Bruce Feiler
But humans disappoint. Adam, in tasting the fruit, indicates that he prefers Eve to God, so God banishes them. -Bruce Feiler
I'd say my best memory was climbing Mt. Fuji, and the worst memory was... trying to fit my feet into the free giveaway slippers at Japanese schools. -Bruce Feiler
Everybody has heard that family dinner is great for kids. But unfortunately, it doesn't work in many of our lives. -Bruce Feiler
I'm a fifth generation Jew from the South, and I would say that I felt this connection to my religion, but it wasn't a spiritual connection. -Bruce Feiler
The most successful families embrace and elevate their family history, particularly their failures, setbacks and other missteps. -Bruce Feiler
After college, I wanted to learned about myself as an American, so I left the United States and went to Japan. -Bruce Feiler
The key idea of agile is that teams essentially manage themselves. ... It works in software, and it turns out that it works with kids. -Bruce Feiler
The bottom line: If you want a happier family, bring those skeletons out of the closet. -Bruce Feiler
Let your kids pick their punishments. Our instinct as parents is to order our kids around. It's easier, and we're usually right! But it rarely works. -Bruce Feiler
Here's a confession: I hate parenting books. I hate the ones that are earnest and repetitive. -Bruce Feiler
Fathers can find great inspiration in faith. -Bruce Feiler
Don't forget, God uses words to create the world. Words! Words are only hope. -Bruce Feiler
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