Calvin Coolidge Quotes

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We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once. -Calvin Coolidge
Advertising is the life of trade. -Calvin Coolidge
No nation ever had an army large enough to guarantee it against attack in time of peace or insure it victory in time of war -Calvin Coolidge
I suppose I am the most powerful man in the world, but great power doesn't mean much except great limitations -Calvin Coolidge
Economy is the method by which we prepare today to afford the improvements of tomorrow -Calvin Coolidge
After all, the chief business of the American people is business -Calvin Coolidge
Business will be either better or worse -Calvin Coolidge
Not all those who are attempting to conduct successful businesses are profiteers -Calvin Coolidge
To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race -Calvin Coolidge
Heroism is not only in the man, but in the occasion -Calvin Coolidge
They hired the money, didn't they? -Calvin Coolidge
Wherever we look, the work of the chemist has raised the level of our civilization and has increased the productive capacity of the nation. -Calvin Coolidge
Life is one darn thing after another. -Calvin Coolidge
No matter what anyone may say about making the rich and the corporations pay taxes, in the end they come out of the people who toil -Calvin Coolidge
I sometimes wish that people would put a little more emphasis upon the observance of the law than they do upon its enforcement. -Calvin Coolidge
The words of the President have an enormous weight and ought not to be used indiscriminately. -Calvin Coolidge
We draw our Presidents from the people. It is a wholesome thing for them to return to the people. I came from them. I wish to be one of them again. -Calvin Coolidge
If you don't say anything, you won't be called on to repeat it. -Calvin Coolidge
As I went about with my father, when he collected taxes, I knew that when taxes were laid someone had to work hard to earn the money to pay them. -Calvin Coolidge
Nature is inexorable. If men do not follow the truth they cannot live. -Calvin Coolidge
It is a great advantage to a President, and a major source of safety to the country, for him to know he is not a great man. -Calvin Coolidge
I always figured the American public wanted a solemn ass for president, so I went along with them. -Calvin Coolidge
[Speaking of Chinese president Sun Yat-sen] ...combined Benjamin Franklin and George Washington of China. -Calvin Coolidge
I do not choose to run for President in 1928. -Calvin Coolidge
I think the American public wants a solemn ass as a president, and I think I'll go along with them. -Calvin Coolidge
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