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Prayer is better than pills. -Carla H. Krueger
I've always thought that the best moments can come from the worst times. -Carla H. Krueger
Day after day, week after week; writing great fiction takes time, emotion, skill and effort. -Carla H. Krueger
Reality was dawning on him and he hated reality. If you were him, so would you. -Carla H. Krueger
Bea stared at the pencils as if they were enemies. -Carla H. Krueger
Bravery isn't brandishing a sword. It's standing your moral ground and letting others try their best to take you down. -Carla H. Krueger
There are some great, subversive female writers out there. Gender should not affect anything. It does, but it shouldn't. -Carla H. Krueger
Our constant desire to genre-label cripples new writers. Let them experiment, explore and surprise. -Carla H. Krueger
The worst traits in a writer are lack of talent and love of money. -Carla H. Krueger
I have deep respect for past writers and musicians, but let's not forget to love our living artists. -Carla H. Krueger
I'm just one person, but if my stories reach out to others, they'll understand the injustices I want to fight. -Carla H. Krueger
Dreams help me write, nightmares make me fight. -Carla H. Krueger
Writing meaningful fiction is the biggest and most enjoyable challenge I've ever faced in life. -Carla H. Krueger
Darkness without light is like a horror book without a touch of sick humour. -Carla H. Krueger
At home we wrote in fact. Alone, I wrote in feeling. -Carla H. Krueger
Art is a feast for the eyes. Fiction is a banquet for the neurons. -Carla H. Krueger
The best writers make friends with their inner critic. -Carla H. Krueger
Writing is love without the lies. -Carla H. Krueger
It's difficult to forgive some people for their actions, but I can forgive a good book almost anything. -Carla H. Krueger
My writing room is blank. I don't need objects to remind me who I am. -Carla H. Krueger
If I want to create fear, I remember a time when I was frightened. If I want to create a sense of happiness, I remember how I overcame my fear. -Carla H. Krueger
The people I like most are the people who are content with who they are and are not trying to emulate someone else. -Carla H. Krueger
Falling apart is not the route to failure. Pretending everything's fine will be the thing that ruins you. -Carla H. Krueger
My books are for people who feel they've received an unfair lot in life. -Carla H. Krueger
People who love reading get an instantly warm feeling in their bellies when they hear others describe getting comfortable with a good book. -Carla H. Krueger
There are books that change our perspectives and books that change our personalities. -Carla H. Krueger
When I read a daring book or listen to rebellious music, I feel like I've found what freedom really means. -Carla H. Krueger
People who don't read fiction are scared of what's inside their own heads. -Carla H. Krueger
It's difficult to quantify precisely the effect of books on our lives - but generally speaking, it's enormous. -Carla H. Krueger
Writing is a solitary existence, especially if you forget to chat to your friends - sorry, I meant characters. -Carla H. Krueger
You have to know your own mind inside out before you can know the minds of others. -Carla H. Krueger
When I see the confident light in his eye cloud over, the animal in the corner of mine wakes up. -Carla H. Krueger
Blank walls are a shared canvas and we're all artists. -Carla H. Krueger
I'm going to fight, in my own way, until there's nothing left of me to stuff inside the barrel and ignite. -Carla H. Krueger
My characters don't always know more than the reader does, because my readers get the best seat in Paper House. -Carla H. Krueger
So much of what we read nowadays is there one moment and gone the next. When you read something good, cherish it. -Carla H. Krueger
He was breathing. That's the first thing you always check for. -Carla H. Krueger
The fear of silence is a fear everyone should overcome. -Carla H. Krueger
People love books because they're searching for answers to deep, unconscious questions - and books get as close as it's possible to get. -Carla H. Krueger
Shush - it's silent time again. -Carla H. Krueger
My spine spoke to me; I felt vulnerable, like he was gradually covering me in a heavy layer of gold without even having to touch me. -Carla H. Krueger
A silence absorbed them both - a lack of sound so potent it blackened the place with something richer than hate. -Carla H. Krueger
You cannot be religious and be a scientist at the same time. -Carla H. Krueger
The best restaurants are always down the side streets. -Carla H. Krueger
Writing is just building a new world - one character, one place, one maniac at a time. -Carla H. Krueger
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