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We may talk a good game and write even better ones, but we never outgrow those small wounded things we were when we were five and six and seven. -Chris Bohjalian
Life is filled with small moments that seem prosaic until one has the distance to look back and see the chain of large moments they unleashed. -Chris Bohjalian
And though some days it is very hard, I try not to live for the future. And I try not to dream of the past. -Chris Bohjalian
Food is a gift and should be treated reverentially-romanced and ritualized and seasoned with memory. -Chris Bohjalian
Seriously, ' the banker went on, 'what do you investigate? I have a feeling you do more than find stray kittens and bring home lost babies.' 'Murder. -Chris Bohjalian
In America, Walt Disney opened an amusement park. And in Florence, someone was savaging the remnants of a Tuscan nobleman's family. -Chris Bohjalian
With age comes acumen. With experience comes insight. -Chris Bohjalian
And when something wasn't working, you changed it. Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. -Chris Bohjalian
But it's funny how the memory works and how sometimes we just belive whatever we want. -Chris Bohjalian
A single, ordinary person still can make a difference - and single, ordinary people are doing precisely that every day. -Chris Bohjalian
When I was 13, my family moved from a suburb of New York City to Miami, Florida, and we moved there the Friday before Labor Day weekend. -Chris Bohjalian
My wife and I would be very comfortable having a baby at home or using one of the terrific nurse-midwives at the hospital. -Chris Bohjalian
On a regular basis if you're trying to produce something, I think you should work every day and set achievable goals. -Chris Bohjalian
I need complete silence when I write. -Chris Bohjalian
I loved all ghost stories. So I guess it was only a matter of time before I wrote one. -Chris Bohjalian
Why a ghost story? Well, I love them. They're fun to read - and, yes, fun to write. -Chris Bohjalian
My grandparents, like many genocide survivors, took most of their stories to their graves. -Chris Bohjalian
There is a lot of my childhood in 'The Sandcastle Girls.' -Chris Bohjalian
I live here in Vermont, in a village of barely a thousand people halfway up the state's third highest mountain. -Chris Bohjalian
I answer two or three letters a day. I'm just not the he-has-a-secretary kind of guy. -Chris Bohjalian
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