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If you can build your career around your passions, then you're winning in life; that's one of the best things you can ask for. -Chris Hardwick
Everything changed - my life, my priorities, my values, -Chris Hardwick
the best 15 years of my life. -Chris Hardwick
Alcohol is like pouring smiles on your brain. -Chris Hardwick
A big company is like trying to steer a luxury liner. -Chris Hardwick
No matter what tricks you use or what decisions you make, go easy on yourself as someone who's on a never-ending quest for improvement. -Chris Hardwick
Bowling really was a big American sport in the '50s, '60s, and '70s, and then it kind of died off in the '80s. -Chris Hardwick
Traditionally nerd-based culture is now a big sector of pop culture. -Chris Hardwick
I do lots of crowd work in my set, because I enjoy writing material through riffing and conversation. -Chris Hardwick
I played tournament chess from fifth grade up into high school. -Chris Hardwick
I think being an outcast is what sort of strengthens the nerd movement, because you're isolated, so you have time. -Chris Hardwick
The podcast movement was really a creative survival mechanism for standup comics. -Chris Hardwick
The nerdist movement is less about consumers; there is a large contingent that are creative nerdists instead of consumers. -Chris Hardwick
The lifeblood of YouTube is sharing. -Chris Hardwick
I learned not to confuse 'busy' with 'productive,' but I'm still far too addicted to email to resist its early-morning digital snuggles. -Chris Hardwick
Twitter is really a hyper-distilled version of how the internet should work - short bursts of relatively useful information. -Chris Hardwick
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