Christian De Duve Quotes

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We know that once we stop learning and call ourselves learned, we become useless members of the scientific society. -Christian de Duve
I followed lectures on the history, geography, economy and political organization of Sweden. -Christian de Duve
We are sick because our cells are sick. -Christian de Duve
It would be an exaggeration to say I'm not afraid of death, but I'm not afraid of what comes after, because I'm not a believer. -Christian de Duve
When I disappear, I will disappear; there'll be nothing left. -Christian de Duve
Overcrowded cities are spawning increasingly lawless suburbs. Waste is accumulating in and around them, straining the capacity to deal with it. -Christian de Duve
Vast areas are witness to the struggles of destitute populations trying to survive under unlivable conditions. -Christian de Duve
In spite of the advances of medicine, deathly epidemics are more menacing than ever before. -Christian de Duve
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