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At this point, I can't say what network would be picking it up, but I know that it would be a success. -Christy Romano
The cool part about working for Disney is that they've allowed me to be a change agent. -Christy Romano
And after I make a lot of money, I'll be able to afford running for office. -Christy Romano
You don't need really expensive clothes to look cute. -Christy Romano
Because I'm not trying to throw people any curves. -Christy Romano
That's just the way this business works. You're a reliable commodity. -Christy Romano
You know, I'd love to do a Maxim shoot. But I'm not going to do it, because that's just stupid to do. -Christy Romano
While I'm trying to be different, I'm trying to be very conservative at this point in my career. -Christy Romano
So I'll go eat places and then I'll run it off in the show. -Christy Romano
I usually shop at Charlotte Ruth and Bebe. -Christy Romano
I just got a body wave because I wanted it to look good when it was down. -Christy Romano
I also never went there when I was little because I was too busy working and traveling on national tours. -Christy Romano
Developing a series is a next step for me. -Christy Romano
But first I want to get my master's degree at Columbia's School of International Public Affairs. -Christy Romano
And I'm working with all these great people at Sony Publishing. -Christy Romano
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