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I love Simon Cowell, he's a dear friend. -Cilla Black
I didn't think before that I'd done enough to justify publishing an autobiography but after 40 years in show business I'm now ready to tell my story. -Cilla Black
It's no fun getting older. I might be wearing beautiful diamond earrings, but they can't take away the pain of losing my hearing. -Cilla Black
The difference with me is that I did inhale. -Cilla Black
I do not miss ITV, God no! Have you seen ITV lately? -Cilla Black
I never did acid, I am just so high anyway. -Cilla Black
It's hard to watch your life unfold, and sad. Life changes. -Cilla Black
The nicest thing about coming of age is that I can do whatever I like. -Cilla Black
I just thank God when I wake up every day. -Cilla Black
If I can't eat the meal in a restaurant, and the waiter asks, 'Is everything all right, Madam?', I tell them that I'm on a diet. -Cilla Black
It's true what they say: 'You don't appreciate what you've got until it's gone.' I miss love. I miss being looked after. -Cilla Black
But reality television is here to stay. -Cilla Black
I did smoke a joint once but I did not enjoy it. -Cilla Black
I don't like the selfie because it's too close. There ain't no people with arms long enough to do a selfie of me. -Cilla Black
Nothing is a career move. Everything I've done this year has so not been a career move. -Cilla Black
I had to do the book because there was an unauthorised biography which didn't tell it like it was. -Cilla Black
I humbly apologise for reality Television. -Cilla Black
It was an unknown thing, a lot of people had very bad trips and I like to be in control. -Cilla Black
I don't want to see older people on T.V. I want to see young, pretty people on T.V. -Cilla Black
I never thought I'd be on T.V. For me as a kid in Liverpool, it was a more realistic option to be a singer. -Cilla Black
I tried never to take anything for granted. -Cilla Black
I can do the PR thing until the cows come home. That's my nature. I never want to upset anybody. -Cilla Black
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