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This poem is very long So long, in fact, that your attention span May be stretched to its very limits But that's okay It's what's so special about poetry See, poetry takes time We live in a time Call it our culture or society It doesn't matter to me cause neither one rhymes A time where most people don't want to listen Our throats wait like matchsticks waiting to catch fire Waiting until we can speak No patience to listen But this poem is long It's so long, in fact, that during the time of this poem You could've done any number of other wonderful things You could've called your father Call your father You could be writing a postcard right now Write a postcard When was the last time you wrote a postcard? You could be outside You're probably not too far away from a sunrise or a sunset Watch the sun rise Maybe you could've written your own poem A better poem You could have played a tune or sung a song You could have met your neighbor And memorized their name Memorize the name of your neighbor You could've drawn a picture (Or, at least, colored one in) You could've started a book Or finished a prayer You could've talked to God Pray When was the last time you prayed? Really prayed? This is a long poem So long, in fact, that you've already spent a minute with it When was the last time you hugged a friend for a minute? Or told them that you love them? Tell your friends you love them ... no, I mean it, tell them Say, I love you Say, you make life worth living Because that, is what friends do Of all of the wonderful things that you could've done During this very, very long poem You could have connected Maybe you are connecting Maybe we're connecting See, I believe that the only things that really matter In the grand scheme of life are God and people And if people are made in the image of God Then when you spend your time with people It's never wasted And in this very long poem I'm trying to let a poem do what a poem does: Make things simpler We don't need poems to make things more complicated We have each other for that We need poems to remind ourselves of the things that really matter To take time A long time To be alive for the sake of someone else for a single moment Or for many moments Cause we need each other To hold the hands of a broken person All you have to do is meet a person Shake their hand Look in their eyes They are you We are all broken together But these shattered pieces of our existence don't have to be a mess We just have to care enough to hold our tongues sometimes To sit and listen to a very long poem A story of a life The joy of a friend and the grief of friend To hold and be held And be quiet So, pray Write a postcard Call your parents and forgive them and then thank them Turn off the TV Create art as best as you can Share as much as possible, especially money Tell someone about a very long poem you once heard And how afterward it brought you to them

Colleen Hoover
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