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I have the Muji pen that has different colors. My daughter loves to play hangman, or we draw. It's important you can draw a rainbow at all times. -Constance Zimmer
I think I brush the surface of being involved politically with the issues and the personalities in the news. -Constance Zimmer
In politics, they play games. In Hollywood, they play games. I think that, overall, everybody is trying to do whatever it takes to get ahead. -Constance Zimmer
Everybody always thinks I'm a lesbian because I'm a very tough broad. I have a lot of lesbian fans. -Constance Zimmer
You can't really compare any TV show to a show written by Aaron Sorkin. -Constance Zimmer
I'm much nicer then all my characters, let's just put it that way. -Constance Zimmer
I definitely learned about the inner workings of campaigns enough to know that I'm glad that I'm not in politics. -Constance Zimmer
I have this obsession with really cool, old books. -Constance Zimmer
I love playing a character who has an adversary she can go one-on-one with. -Constance Zimmer
You always want to have a mix of conservatives and liberals on a panel, especially on election night. -Constance Zimmer
In my 20s, it was very hard to go, 'I'm heavier than that girl.' Getting older makes a huge difference. -Constance Zimmer
My body is the way it is - it's never going to be a body like Kim Kardashian or Angelina Jolie. We're all different, and we're all unique. -Constance Zimmer
When you become comfortable in your own skin, it actually makes you appear more attractive because you're just confident in who you are. -Constance Zimmer
I never watched reality shows. I was obviously very aware of them because they're everywhere, but I was not somebody who watched them. -Constance Zimmer
I'm obsessed with lip stuff. I have to have stuff on my lips at all times. -Constance Zimmer
People need to know about the Biossance makeup remover cloths. They're biodegradable, so I don't feel bad throwing them out. -Constance Zimmer
Even when I watch it, I laugh, because I think, 'That's me! I'm on 'Seinfeld.'' -Constance Zimmer
I modeled a little bit of Quinn on 'UnREAL' after Ari Gold and Anna Wintour combined. -Constance Zimmer
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