Curt Weldon Quotes

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Louis Freeh said on national TV that actionable intelligence could have allowed us to stop the hijackings. -Curt Weldon
How can faceless bureaucrats in an intelligence agency deny brave soldiers a chance to tell the truth? -Curt Weldon
He lost his life not because of the hazing incident, but because of the investigation of the hazing incident, -Curt Weldon
It was Jacques Chirac and Schroeder both, who pushed us into a conflict to remove Milosevic. -Curt Weldon
The commission members themselves were never briefed on Able Danger. -Curt Weldon
Now we have a whole separate supplier of data for Able Danger who's verifying that same information. -Curt Weldon
This story, I predict, will grow to be worse than Watergate. The American people need to have the answers. -Curt Weldon
The mainstream media doesn't want to get into this because they don't want to know where this one goes. -Curt Weldon
I am extremely disappointed by the actions of the 9/11 commission. -Curt Weldon
The Libyans gave us everything I asked for. -Curt Weldon
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