Dacre Montgomery Quotes

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My mum didn't really let me watch TV until I was about 5 years old. -Dacre Montgomery
I was really fat in school. -Dacre Montgomery
I was a really big kid. -Dacre Montgomery
After Year 12, I went to Vancouver for my gap year and met an agent who told me to lose 25 kg. -Dacre Montgomery
Growing up, I was into 'Power Rangers.' -Dacre Montgomery
I was into Batman. I was into Spider-Man. -Dacre Montgomery
I didn't have any friends. I was bullied. I didn't play sports. -Dacre Montgomery
I am the biggest geek and fan of film and TV, and I just go through phases. -Dacre Montgomery
We'd be doing parkour on my high school roof; we'd get in trouble. But I was never a reckless kid. -Dacre Montgomery
It's not just the actor in front of the camera. And it's important to have respect for all those people that work behind the camera. -Dacre Montgomery
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