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I wish we questioned the aid model as much as we are questioning the capitalism model. Sometimes the most generous thing you can do is just say no. -Dambisa Moyo
At its very best, the Western model speaks for itself. It's the model that put food on the table. It's the refrigerators. It put a man on the moon. -Dambisa Moyo
I was born and raised in Zambia in 1969. At the time of my birth, blacks were not issued birth certificates, and that law only changed in 1973. -Dambisa Moyo
I had the good fortune to spend hours with my parents around the dinner table having debates on politics and economics. -Dambisa Moyo
I'm an economist, not a political scientist. -Dambisa Moyo
I went into the sciences very early on, but to me, economics pervades so much more of our lives and our existence. -Dambisa Moyo
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