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I'm not sure I'm the only savant with high IQ or with an above average IQ. Again, it may just be that we don't know very many of the others. -Daniel Tammet
I consider social skills a bit like learning a language. I've been practising it for so long over so many years I've almost lost my accent. -Daniel Tammet
The human brain is like a memory system that records every thing that happens to us and makes intelligent predictions based on those experiences. -Daniel Tammet
Aesthetic judgments, rather than abstract reasoning, guide and shape the process by which we all come to know what we know. -Daniel Tammet
Every culture has contributed to maths just as it has contributed to literature. It's a universal language; numbers belong to everyone. -Daniel Tammet
We will always have more to discover, more to invent, more to understand and that's much closer to art and literature than any science. -Daniel Tammet
I love music. I have a fondness for Chopin, and I very much like his 'Raindrop Prelude.' -Daniel Tammet
I feel traveling certainly does broaden the mind. In my case certainly I feel more confident. It gives you a new perspective on the world. -Daniel Tammet
You don't have to be disabled to be different, because everybody's different. -Daniel Tammet
I love books so much. I've read more books than anyone else I know. -Daniel Tammet
I would play with numbers in a way that other kids would play with their friends. -Daniel Tammet
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