David Jeremiah Quotes

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Forgiveness is the fragrance the flower leaves on the heel of the one who crushed it. -David Jeremiah
When we take voice lessons from the Master, we learn to speak with tenderness. -David Jeremiah
Kids today learn a lot about getting to the moon, but very little about getting to heaven. -David Jeremiah
No Christian is abandoned at the moment of death. The angels are the ushers, and our passage to heaven is under their escort. -David Jeremiah
God created the heavens and the earth to reveal His glory. Don't allow creation to eclipse and steal the worship God desires and deserves. -David Jeremiah
Angels are innumerable heavenly beings - immortal and invincible creations of God. He is the Lord of the hosts of heaven. -David Jeremiah
We may go to church once a week, but our Christian life is daily - step-by-step. -David Jeremiah
Today is important only in light of what we do for God. -David Jeremiah
It's also important to develop a burden for the lost. -David Jeremiah
Make God's Word your Sourcebook... -David Jeremiah
This is a time when all of God's people need to keep their eyes and their Bibles wide open. We must ask God for discernment as never before. -David Jeremiah
It is God's omnipotence, His consuming holiness, and His right to judge that make Him worthy to be feared. -David Jeremiah
We can find ourselves in the middle of God's perfect will and in the middle of a perfect storm at the same time! -David Jeremiah
Since there is no one like God, therefore all people should fear Him-in other words, dread His power and be devoted to His person. -David Jeremiah
Fear drains us, while love empowers us. -David Jeremiah
Going without food or water will kill the body, but the lack of relationship will kill the mind and spirit. -David Jeremiah
Trust is an act of the mind, while obedience is an act of the hands and feet. -David Jeremiah
In a world that contains tragedies, we must realize that they're vastly outnumbered by blessings. -David Jeremiah
It's fairly simple. When can we pray? All the time. When should we praise God? Whenever we pray. -David Jeremiah
Sometimes it is only through pain that we become who God wants us to be. -David Jeremiah
Delighting in God's Word leads us to delight in God, and delight in God drives away fear. -David Jeremiah
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