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Class is something I know about. I've lived it every day of my life, and it shaped me in my identity. -David Lindsay-Abaire
I didn't go into 'Rabbit Hole' wanting to write about class. I think because of who I am it somehow found its way into it. -David Lindsay-Abaire
I'm just writing about people. People are dark and complicated. I'm trying to tell the truth; that's all that I do. -David Lindsay-Abaire
With studio work, I'm always the bottom man on the totem pole. -David Lindsay-Abaire
I've worked really hard, but I know people who have worked even harder but didn't have the chances I've had. -David Lindsay-Abaire
I'm going to do whatever interests me. Look, writing 'Rabbit Hole' came out of an interest in diversifying my portfolio, frankly. -David Lindsay-Abaire
I don't want to work on a musical if I'm not the lyricist. -David Lindsay-Abaire
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