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In independent film you tend to have stories that involve more of a community, and the smaller characters are important to the story. -David Morse
I will be always grateful to NBC. -David Morse
I don't care about the money. I just need, as an actor, to do as many different things that I can to make me feel good about myself. -David Morse
I have a DVD player and I have DVDs, and I have no time to watch any of them. -David Morse
It's great to be able to have your feet in both worlds. I wouldn't want to be just stuck in one or the other. -David Morse
Everything is interesting to me. -David Morse
Home wasn't a pleasant place to live, growing up. -David Morse
By the time I could have played football, I was already into acting and that's what I wanted to do. -David Morse
In my first film, I was a basketball player. Like every good actor, I lied when they asked me if I could play. -David Morse
I'm acting for the pleasure of it. -David Morse
I've tried to let the work I do speak. -David Morse
Film is a very intimate medium. -David Morse
I try to do things I haven't been able to before. -David Morse
I was stuck as a Boomer type in a lot of people's minds. -David Morse
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