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If any event teaches you how to perform on no sleep, it's a hurricane. -David Muir
I do feel if we underestimate the viewer, it's at our own peril. -David Muir
The evening news is evolving rapidly, and I think we have to be extraordinarily nimble. -David Muir
There's no such thing as alternative facts. -David Muir
I think the American people are bombarded with information from all directions, all day long. -David Muir
I still like the physicality of papers. -David Muir
I think Americans are a lot smarter than many give them credit for. -David Muir
While anchoring at Boston's WCVB-TV, I reported on Mitt Romney's run for Massachusetts governor. -David Muir
I'm so privileged to sit where Diane Sawyer and Peter Jennings sat. -David Muir
I can report from the field with a tiny camera and a laptop. -David Muir
A huge part of my life is my job, and that's the highest compliment you can pay to any job. -David Muir
I often work seven days a week. I'm not looking for a pat on the back because I love what I do. -David Muir
I think I was always a curious kid. -David Muir
I need to ask the questions the people at home want answered. -David Muir
Not a day goes by when we're not grateful to see that viewers seem to be responding. -David Muir
I hope people know that when I'm sitting there, it's not some guy on a desk on a platform with sort of this voice-of-God approach. -David Muir
When we get news 24 hours a day, I think people need the evening newscast more than ever. -David Muir
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