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We need cultural awareness and a cooperative approach with other countries versus a dominating approach. -Debra Granik
It's funny: your happiness is contingent on a bigger picture besides just yourself. -Debra Granik
There is a porous membrane between a documentary that doesn't use interviews and what you would call a neorealist hybrid film. -Debra Granik
Some people have these small, positive schemes for survival, a kind of strength that I am attracted to, maybe because I'm prone to the blues. -Debra Granik
Time's up on cheesy, lesser, boring roles for females in the stories that we try to tell. -Debra Granik
I like to make films about how people survive living in the United States. -Debra Granik
You can't just pill away injuries that go deep in someone. They don't just stop those feelings from existing. -Debra Granik
In documentary, mostly, people are going to say untoward things; people are going to have gnarly beliefs. People aren't perfect. -Debra Granik
I'm from the East Coast, and so therefore, the Pacific Northwest forest is very exotic land to me. -Debra Granik
I find it so hard to make films about my own region, but it could happen. -Debra Granik
My producing partner and I were shown a novel we really liked. It was called 'My Abandonment' by Peter Rock, and we enjoyed reading it. -Debra Granik
Every filmmaker has this short book of films that don't get made - for a whole host of reasons. -Debra Granik
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