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Our party is a diverse one, as is my home state of Illinois. -Dick Durbin
Whenever we asked Judge Roberts basic questions about his moral compass and his life experience, he declined to answer. -Dick Durbin
Some (of them) say, 'What's next?' ... They want to find out as much as they can about the real life of Lincoln. -Dick Durbin
You know, the purpose of reconciliation is to avoid the filibuster. The filibuster is an effort to talk something to death. -Dick Durbin
I hope that Republicans in the House and Mr. Cantor will embrace that as part of immigration reform. -Dick Durbin
We have 11 million people in this country that need a pathway to citizenship. -Dick Durbin
We happen to believe that emissions going into the atmosphere are not good for us as humans or Mother Earth. -Dick Durbin
More people working and paying taxes reduces government expenditures and helps us move a little closer to balance. -Dick Durbin
Sunlight is better than secrecy when it comes to making laws. -Dick Durbin
We've had enough with loopholes in our gun laws that allow dangerous people to get their hands on guns. -Dick Durbin
There is no question that tobacco is addictive and that tobacco kills. -Dick Durbin
You'll never get progress in Washington until you have a majority, bipartisan majority, that really wants to solve problems. -Dick Durbin
We've had enough with the gun shows where you can buy from private sellers with no FBI background check. -Dick Durbin
I enjoy my job, and I will help my state all I can. -Dick Durbin
We want to move forward in a bipartisan fashion to solve our problems. -Dick Durbin
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