Dirk Nowitzki Quotes

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Growing up, my idols were Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper. And Scottie Pippen. -Dirk Nowitzki
Obviously, (winning the division) is big. To be No. 1 is always important.. -Dirk Nowitzki
I want to raise a family and have a couple of small Dirks running around. But it will not be easy to win my heart. -Dirk Nowitzki
I lost another good friend and teammate, ... Last year, Steve left and this year it was Mike's turn. -Dirk Nowitzki
I know, basketball is a dance. I didn't understand the significance of that type of training at first. I was supposed to read poems... -Dirk Nowitzki
I wanted to avoid service, because I was on the road to becoming a professional basketball player. -Dirk Nowitzki
As a newcomer, I was often expected to carry the bags of the older players, or get them burgers. That can make you feel pretty miserable. -Dirk Nowitzki
If theres an injury, for a couple games, you can have guys step in. But for a long period of time, it always catches up with you. -Dirk Nowitzki
I always wanted to be a basketball player. Nothing more, nothing less. -Dirk Nowitzki
I'm not big on material things, but I like my cars. They are German-made and custom-made. -Dirk Nowitzki
Money isn't something I play for. I want to compete. I want to win. -Dirk Nowitzki
I may not be the most physically tough player, but I think mentally I'm right up there. -Dirk Nowitzki
My dad never really played basketball, but now he's my biggest critic. I come home, and he says: 'Why didn't you shoot there? Why didn't you drive?' -Dirk Nowitzki
I think I can always shoot 3s. I think I can shoot 3s when I'm 60. -Dirk Nowitzki
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