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It's no secret that my process is a little bit loose and can be a little bit infuriating to a studio if they don't know what they're signing up for. -Doug Liman
It's almost a work-shopping process to create the characters with the actors. -Doug Liman
When you can come across a piece of material that's totally original and fun and completely satisfying, you jump on it. -Doug Liman
I'm a character-driven director, and I tend to fall in love with the characters in my movies and TV shows. -Doug Liman
I'm very interested in politics, and I feel TV is a more political medium than film. -Doug Liman
At the end of the day, it's still a show about guys who ride extremely fast motorcycles for a living, -Doug Liman
TV is a safe place to develop real characters. -Doug Liman
In the real world, if you're in a car chase, you're going to hit a million things and your car is going to end up a total wreck by the end. -Doug Liman
If I'm not in love with the script, there's nothing. It doesn't matter what you give me. It has to start with the script. -Doug Liman
Obviously, anyone who has seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith knows that husband and wife married spies is something that I find particularly interesting. -Doug Liman
I realize I am contradictory: I have an independent filmmaker's sensibility and a Hollywood director's short-attention span. -Doug Liman
To be a lone filmmaker thousands of miles from home with nobody believing in me, that seems romantic. -Doug Liman
I have a rebellious nature, and being told no is almost the surest way to get me to do something. -Doug Liman
Almost anything can be justified as a style of filmmaking if it works. -Doug Liman
I subscribe to the school that there are no dumb questions. -Doug Liman
I do take things away from reading reviews. I think they keep you honest. -Doug Liman
I think that I learned a studio system prefers a sort of professionalism from the director. -Doug Liman
Flying small airplanes is not like being on airlines. -Doug Liman
Amazon may be the only studio that's run by people who come out of making independent movies, real hands-on moviemaking. -Doug Liman
The movie I end up with is the movie I aspired to make. -Doug Liman
I don't really analyze my process. I do know that if it's not right, I won't move on. I'm tenacious to a fault about that. -Doug Liman
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