Douglas William Jerrold Quotes

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Happiness grows at our own firesides, and is not to be picked in strangers' gardens. -Douglas William Jerrold
Religion's in the heart, not in the knees. -Douglas William Jerrold
Marriage is like wine. It is not be properly judged until the second glass. -Douglas William Jerrold
There is peace more destructive of the manhood of living man than war is destructive of his material body. -Douglas William Jerrold
We love peace, but not peace at any price. -Douglas William Jerrold
After all there is something about a wedding-gown prettier than in any other gown in the world. -Douglas William Jerrold
Self-defense is the clearest of all laws, and for this reason: lawyers didn't make it -Douglas William Jerrold
Intemperance is the epitome of every crime, the cause of every kind of misery. -Douglas William Jerrold
A blessed companion is a book-a book that, fitly chosen, is a lifelong friend... a book that, at a touch, pours its heart into your own. -Douglas William Jerrold
Happiness grows at our own firesides, and is not to be picked in stranger's gardens. -Douglas William Jerrold
That man is thought a dangerous knave, Or zealot plotting crime, Who for advancement of his kind Is wiser than his time. -Douglas William Jerrold
A man never so beautifully shows his own strength as when he respects a woman's softness. -Douglas William Jerrold
If slander be a snake, it is a winged one - it flies as well as creeps. -Douglas William Jerrold
Literature, like a gypsy, to be picturesque, should be a little ragged. -Douglas William Jerrold
Self-defense is the clearest of all laws; and for this reason - the lawyers didn't make it. -Douglas William Jerrold
The only athletic sport I ever mastered was backgammon. -Douglas William Jerrold
The language of women should be luminous, but not voluminous. -Douglas William Jerrold
Nothing is so beneficial to a young author as the advice of a man whose judgment stands constitutionally at the freezing-point. -Douglas William Jerrold
Wishes, at least, are the easy pleasures of the poor. -Douglas William Jerrold
Man owes two solemn debts--one to society, and one to-nature. It is only when he pays the second that he covers the first. -Douglas William Jerrold
Some of 'em [virtues] like extinct volcanoes,with a strong memory or fire and brimstone. -Douglas William Jerrold
Wit, like money, bears an extra value when rung down immediately it is wanted. Men pay severely who require credit. -Douglas William Jerrold
A pill that the present moment is daily bread to thousands. -Douglas William Jerrold
Troubles are like babies - they only grow by nursing. -Douglas William Jerrold
Grumblers deserve to be operated upon surgically; their trouble is usually chronic. -Douglas William Jerrold
The blackest of fluid is used as an agent to enlighten the world. -Douglas William Jerrold
Fix yourself upon the wealthy. In a word, take this for a golden rule through life: Never, never have a friend that is poorer than yourself. -Douglas William Jerrold
Keep your eyes and ears open, if you desire to get on in the world. -Douglas William Jerrold
O this itch of the ear, that breaks out at the tongue! Were not curiosity so over-busy, detraction would soon be starved to death. -Douglas William Jerrold
We are all slaves to the shining metal. -Douglas William Jerrold
He was so benevolent, so merciful a man that, in his mistaken passion, he would have held an umbrella over a duck in a shower of rain. -Douglas William Jerrold
As for the brandy,
Modesty is a bright dish-cover, which makes us fancy there is something very nice underneath it. -Douglas William Jerrold
Not peace at any price! Chains are worse than bayonets. -Douglas William Jerrold
If an earthquake were to engulf England tomorrow, the English would manage to meet and dine somewhere among the rubbish, just to celebrate the event. -Douglas William Jerrold
Nature designed us to be of good cheer. -Douglas William Jerrold
Fortunes made in no time are like shirts made in no time; it's ten to one if they hang long together. -Douglas William Jerrold
The best thing I know between France and England is the sea. -Douglas William Jerrold
In this world truth can wait; she is used to it. -Douglas William Jerrold
The sharp employ the sharp. -Douglas William Jerrold
Some people are so fond of ill luck that they run halfway to meet it. -Douglas William Jerrold
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