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Lachlan frowned as he misjudged the distance and his forehead hit Cormag's head with a bump. He wrapped his arms around his neck to steady himself, two big hands reaching up to hold onto his arms as if to offer extra support. 'You, ' he began, talking quietly into his ear, 'are so beautiful, ' he confessed, resting his heavy skull against Cormag's for a moment. He meant it as well. Cormag was stunning. He was taller and broader than he was, very much the fine figure of hotness. His dark hair was well kept, but a little messy, he had amazing bone structure; the type that made him look more like a model than a museum manager. A chiselled jaw, nicely defined cheekbones and a rugged quality that made him so appealing. He had never noticed how handsome a male face could be until those eyes drew him in. 'And so are you, ' his companion chuckled, 'but we discussed this... I've ruined every relationship I've ever had. I get needy, possessive and my baggage gets in the way. Besides, ' he lowered his voice to a whisper and brushed his hand over his upper arm, 'You're not gay, ' he protested, reminding him yet again that they were different. 'Nope. Not gay, ' he agreed with that, nodding his head as he pulled back a little to see him better. 'But that doesn't make you any less beautiful. Why is it wrong that I can see how special you are?' he asked, having difficulty understanding why part of his brain was telling him he was being a drunken idiot and that the man before him wasn't attractive. But the rest of his brain - about ninety-eight percent of it - was telling him that he was the most attractive person he'd ever seen. 'It's not, Lachlan. It really isn't.' 'But it's somehow wrong for me to tell you?' Lachlan wondered, glancing across the bar to see Matteo smiling at him. He didn't know what it meant. Cormag cupped his face, capturing his undivided attention again. 'No. Not that either. But it makes it hard for me to keep my distance. You're stunning. Inside and out, ' he claimed, with chocolatey eyes that said he meant every word.

Elaine White
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