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Faith is only a word if there is no love at its center, so flaccid and lifeless, vague and hollow - not anything you could truly feel. -Elif Shafak
Believers are each other's mirrors. -Elif Shafak
How terrible it was to still be mentally and emotionally attached to someone from whom you have been physically separated. -Elif Shafak
Even a speck of love should not go unappreciated, because, as Rumi said, love is the water of life. -Elif Shafak
Three scents accompany my memories of this place: cut wood, poppy-seed bread, and the soft, crisp smell of snow. -Elif Shafak
There was something in the color white that resembled silence. Both were emptied of life. -Elif Shafak
When something needs to be said, I'll say it even if the whole world grabs me by the neck and tells me to keep quiet. -Elif Shafak
Love cannot be explained. It can only be experienced. Love cannot be explained, yet it explains all. -Elif Shafak
Let us choose one another as companions! Let us sit at each other's feet! Inwardly we have many harmonies - think not That we are only what we see. -Elif Shafak
Dans ce monde, la serenite etait me¨re de la chance et la chance me¨re de la felicite. -Elif Shafak
What is the point of roaming the world when it's the same misery everywhere? -Elif Shafak
Mourning is like virginity. You should give it to the one who deserves it most. -Elif Shafak
Choose Love, Love! Without the sweet life of Love, living is a burden - as you have seen. -Elif Shafak
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