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Soul or Spirit is not a mystic substance inside body, it is Mind - various symbols, different kind of information and so on that emerge and accumulate due to the Brain activity. Mind is formed by Brain activity in concrete spatio-temporal conditions, it is not given outside by some supernatural beings, but later that Brain activity itself is controlled or can be controlled by that Mind. By controlling the symbols and information in Mind you can affect what is going in your Brain. In that context the essential fact is how your Brain interprets the information that comes through input signals from external world. The amazing thing is that the information that comes through input signals both forms your Mind and are interpreted under the control of that Mind. Ignoring the fact that Mind is formed by Brain activity and it can completely be object of scientific research, mystical-religious thought distinguishes it from Brain as an independent substance and considers it the subject of all cognitive and emotional activity, that is, for that mysticism sees and feels only some mental independent substance inside body, which also can be named as Soul or Spiritual Self, but Brain is only technical apparatus receiving and sending information to that mental substance. That is why this substance can exist without Brain (or Body) and even when you are dead, your Mind (or Spiritual Self) will continue its existence. The fundamental difference between the mystical mental states that mystical-religious thought speculates around and real Mind which is the object of rational thought and science is that unlike Spiritual Self your Mind has got definite neural basis, that is, each symbol and any piece of information in your Mind is contained by concrete neurons in your Brain in strict sense of term. Therefore there is no mysticism there and the rational thought can grasp it completely.

Elmar Hussein
Although science is very, very essential for description and explanation of what is going around and inside us, it is not the only way of doing it and cannot even be the only one for doing it. Any science studies what is observable in labs, experiments, and so on. What is not observable, at least for nowaday scientific mind and technological apparatus, is considered as non-existence or unreality for science. It is also obvious that as technology that is necessary for investigation of scientific realism improves, according to it the scientific mind also perfects, and consequently, some phenomenon that considered as non-existence before is going to be accepted as existence later. Before advent of that future time nowaday scientific mind formulates some hypothesis on the base of logical thinking about what could exist beyond scientific realism. Such kind of hypothesis is not scientific, it is philosophical, sometimes the product of speculative mind or mysticism. It is more difficult for rational mind to work in that "unobservable" pure hypothetical-theoretical level rather than "observable" scientific-empirical level, and it requires high agile mind and delicate dialectical intuition that reality never stays the same, and some of what is unknown and unobservable, therefore non-existent one now is going to be known and observable, therefore existent one in future; some of what is true nowadays is going to be false later, and vice versa. And in that delicate situation your rational mind should propose his hypothesis.

Elmar Hussein
There is no cooperation between different local civilization in science, especially if it is related to the philosophy and methodology of science. Science is very, very difficult activity area and it is not for mediocre minds. Science in modern sense requires various kind of labs, experiments, sophisticated research techniques, and so on, therefore, in order to do science any civilization needs a lot of experience and tradition, which should go back at least one century, and of course, brilliant minds. However, without experience and tradition no brilliant mind can do a serious science. That is why not every local civilization can do science, let alone cooperate in doing science. in strict sense of term, the "brain center" of modern science belongs to Western civilization - whatever you study and research is based on the philosophy and methodology of western science, the most brilliant minds of global civilization, not depending on nationality, are closely connected with Western civilization, most of them, if not any, either studied in western universities or did research there. But that detail is very, very offensive for "intellectuals" of any other local civilizations that can neither fundamentally integrate into western science nor can share any intellectual food from there. It causes the Ego damage on them: they cannot do a serious science for lack of labs and experiments, they cannot follow what goes in science because of language barrier, and no serious international academic sphere acknowledge them as true intellectual. if they cannot do science, then they do their best to undermine the confidence of science through emphasizing the importance of Holy scriptures and mystical-philosophical speculation. Wherever there are no serious scientific minds, there are strong speculative minds. "Intellectuals", who hold speculative mind but incapable of doing science, try to create their spiritual leader image, it does not matter whether they use religion or philosophy for it, in any case, they do their best to compensate for the Ego damage caused by science through this way. They insist as if some spiritual reality exists in the Universe, only though their mystic power or experience you can gain access to that spirituality, which cannot be distinguished and understood by any science. In their mind, they are kind of extra-ordinary men that scientist can never be. However, such spirituality never serves to self-perfection but to the compensation of Ego damage, that is why it makes them more stupid but not more perfected.

Elmar Hussein
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Most people, if not all, are merely masked amoralists. Their mental state is governed by dark energy - they tend to steal, destroy, rape rather than to give a present, construct, love. Most people around us do not steal or rape not because they do not dream of it. They do not do it because they simply cannot do it for the fear of being punished by somebody or sometimes by God. You need illustration. See what a newborn child does. He pushes everything whatever you give him, or takes and then bites it, tries to destruct or simply throws away. Why? Because he does what he wants to do, he is as himself. About rape! Read the history of wars. What you see is that any war is a new chapter in the war rape. What is the reason? Where is the high moralities? Women do not belong to armed forces, they do not fight against you. But why do you rape them while you do not seem to be a rapist in the normal circumstances? Because there is no punishment for the rape in the war, unlike in the normal circumstances, you do what you want to do, there is no mask on your face. The truth is that if a female body attracts your attention, you will automatically want to take it in any way. High moralities is only mask. Robbery, corruption!!! You think that you cannot do that, really, because you are afraid to do it. Only fear prevents you from doing it. You don't believe me, do you?! Close your eyes and dream that whatever you did, there would not be any punishment. I am sure you will not want to open your eyes and come back to reality.

Elmar Hussein
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