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I don't judge in my books. I don't have to have the antagonist get shot or the protagonist win. It's just how it comes out. I'm just telling a story. -Elmore Leonard
I can't allow what we learned in English composition to disrupt the sound and rhythm of the narrative. -Elmore Leonard
My most important piece of advice to all you would-be writers: When you write, try to leave out all the parts readers skip. -Elmore Leonard
And she thought if you don't have the desire to fight or wait for something there's no reason for being on earth. -Elmore Leonard
Psychopaths... people who know the differences between right and wrong, but don't give a shit. That's what most of my characters are like. -Elmore Leonard
I don't think writers compete, I think they're all doing separate things in their own style. -Elmore Leonard
Avoid Prologues. They can be annoying, especially a prologue following an introduction that comes after a foreword. -Elmore Leonard
I got halfway through 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.' I don't get it at all. What's the big thrill? It's boring. -Elmore Leonard
To me, a book is a book, an electronic device is not, and love of books was the reason I started writing. -Elmore Leonard
The line of dialogue belongs to the character; the verb is the writer sticking his nose in. -Elmore Leonard
Keep your exclamation points under control. You are allowed no more than two or three per 100,000 words of prose. -Elmore Leonard
I used to be able to write five pages a day, every day, no problem. Now a good day is five or four pages, and that's from 9:30 A.M. until 6 P.M. -Elmore Leonard
I'm not going to write for posterity. I'm going to write to make a buck. -Elmore Leonard
Don't worry about what your mother thinks of your language. -Elmore Leonard
I once saw Dizzy Gillespie at a live show, and it made me want to go home immediately and start writing. -Elmore Leonard
Using adverbs is a mortal sin. -Elmore Leonard
All the information you need can be given in dialogue. -Elmore Leonard
It's my attempt to remain invisible, not distract the reader from the story with obvious writing. -Elmore Leonard
Bad guys are not bad guys twenty-four hours a day. -Elmore Leonard
I spent most of my dough on booze, broads and boats and the rest I wasted. -Elmore Leonard
I do have fun writing, and a long time ago, I told myself, 'You got to have fun at this, or it'll drive you nuts.' -Elmore Leonard
I have fun writing. I don't make it a chore. I don't have to struggle with it. -Elmore Leonard
If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it. -Elmore Leonard
My purpose is to entertain and please myself. I feel that if I am entertained, then there will be enough other readers who will be entertained, too. -Elmore Leonard
I try to leave out the parts readers skip. -Elmore Leonard
I want the reader to know what's going on. So there's never a mystery in my books. -Elmore Leonard
I don't believe in writer's block or waiting for inspiration. If you're a writer, you sit down and write. -Elmore Leonard
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